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Withdraw Money From Your Globe GCash Effortlessly Using The All-New Globe GCash ATM-Style Card

I just received my all-new Globe GCash Card and I was thrilled to find out how great it looks!

It's been customized to my liking and it's even more beautiful than I thought it would look like.

You can choose whatever background image you fancy and it comes with a very professional-looking ID format at the back with matching ID photo!

But don't let its looks deceive you, there's definitely more than meets the eye with this card. It's not the usual membership card that simply uses up space in your wallet without serving any helpful and practical purpose.

The all-new GCash Card has the functionality of an ATM card! And it works much like how your usual ATM card works -- insert it to any ATM nationwide and withdraw Globe GCash money after entering your MPIN.
Please be informed that there's a P20 charge for every withdrawal -- taken from your GCash balance.

If you'd like to have one, visit the Globe GCash website and apply today! It costs 100 pesos and takes around 2 weeks to be delivered. Make sure you have at least 100 pesos on your GCash wallet before you apply for a card because that's where Globe will deduct the card payment.

Can't wait to use it, especially now that I'm seriously considering putting up a Bayad Center within the village.