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Hello and Welcome!

Dear Everyone,
I'd like to welcome you all to -- home of the craziest mix of items for sale online! I named it as such since I've always wanted and planned to set-up an online store that I can run at home but figured I didn't really have a particular merchandise concept in mind. I've read a lot of biz books telling me that it's always better to not try to sell anything and everything you get your hands on. Besides, you can't really sell "everything". So, I thought hard day and night, sought high and low, only to find out that I can't really make up my mind on what specific product to concentrate least not yet, I guess. So I figured, what the heck..I'd just sell whatever is available (until I figure out my calling...) And just like that, was born... :-)
Right now, I'm comfortable with the concept of a whatever-kind-of-store that will sell "WhateverBags", "WhateverShoes", "WhateverGadgets", "WhateverReads", "WhateverLoved" and other "Whatever-what-nots"...
My online store is currently housed free courtesy of! Thank God for you!
Its multiply address is but typing my domain will direct you to the same site.
We're currently in the process of setting up the store and stocking-up on the inventory so there's very limited items available right now but eventually it'll build up once we get everything done. We hope we finish up fast and get the e-store up and running in no time...
In the meantime, please drop by every now and then and check out for updates. While waiting for the site, we'd be very happy if you'd add us up as contact in your Multiply account and we'll be oh so thrilled if you sign our guestbook. Many thanks to you and hope to do business with you all real soooooon. :-)
Have a nice day!