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Why Shop Online?

Gone are the days when online shopping is exclusively for people who have credit cards. Now, more than ever, customers are becoming empowered and savvy shoppers, thanks to the marriage of the Internet and mobile communication technology. Now, we don't just use our phones to exchange messages, we also use it to exchange other resources including money. Not only that, this revolution has also made it possible for small and medium enterprises or SME's to thrive and compete with retail market giants.

Why shop online? I have three words for you. Convenience, savings and choices.
Convenience. You can shop virtually from anywhere to anywhere as long as you have internet connection. You can shop in your pajamas as soon as you wake up in the morning or shop after work while spending bonding time with your family. Your purchases are shipped right at your doorstep. Now, that's convenient.
Savings. Because small online shops are mostly home-based businesses as well, just like ours, we can always provide you with low prices because of our low overhead expenses and low profit margins. And because you don't have to leave home, you save up on transportation expenses and food expenses as well because when you're out shopping, you'll definitely be out dining. Shipping cost is generally lower than what you'll spend for these things.
Choices. The internet is vast. Your choices are endless. You can choose to buy delicious cupcakes from Cebu or hand-made native bags from Bulacan without even going there. You can buy from whomever and wherever you want. You can easily compare prices from store to store without getting cramps from dutiful walking while looking for good buys and best bargains.

No credit card? No problem. We support different payment modes. Use whatever is comfortable to you.

You can pay for your purchases through G-Cash, BPI ExpressCash Deposit, Paypal or Xoom. Upon verification of payment, items will be shipped to the customer's specified address within 24-48 hours and will be received within 1-2 days. Customer Feedback

Air21 Shipping Rates


2. Complete the form.
3. Click on CALCULATE.
4. It will give you a rough estimate of the PACKAGE shipping rate.

**  Please note that these are estimates only. Actual rates may vary and will only be final once the package has been inspected at the AIR21 office.

How To Track Your AIR21 Package:

1. Click here to check the STATUS OF YOUR AIR21 PACKAGE.
2. Fill out the form with the required details. (Airwaybill No., Reference No.)
3. Click on TRACK.
4. It will give you details on the whereabouts of your SHIPMENT.

How to Track Your Package from JRS Express

How to Track Your Package from JRS Express:
Last update: June 20, 2017

Click here for DOMESTIC shipping.
Click here for INTERNATIONAL shipping.


2) If you encounter any problem tracking your package online, you may call or email them through the following channels:

Pickup Hotline: (632) 637-2065
631-7351 to 56 loc. 227 & 217

For Delivery Status:
Tel #: 637-2066 
         631-7351 to 56 loc. 228
For Operations & Marketing:
31-7351 to 56 loc. 227 & 217 / 637-2065

For JRS Pera Padala:
Tel. #: 631-7351 to 56 
          loc. 225 & 226
JRS Express Head Office:
# 19 Brixton St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Tel. Nos. 631-7351 to 56 / Fax No. 637-2065

For Complaints:
631-7351 to 56 loc. 227 & 217 / 637-2065

JRS Express Shipping Rates

Last update: May 26, 2014


2GO Shipping Rates

Door to Door Nationwide

Extra Large
Serviceable Area
Delivery Rates
PhP 82.00
PhP 102.00
PhP 168.00
PhP 184.00
Delivery (OTD)
PhP 133.00
PhP 163.00
PhP 230.00
PhP 265.00

Rates are inclusive of 12% VAT.
Rates are subject to valuation charge (subject to 12% VAT).
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

How to Track Your Package from 2GO

To track your package via SMS:

1. Text 2GO 1
CN No. or AWB No. or Reference ID No.*
2. Send to: 2390 - Globe
267 -
2248 -

To track your package online, click here

How to Pay via BPI Express Cash Card

Deposit funds via BPI Express Teller ATM:

1. Indicate on deposit envelope, Cardholder's name ( Cecilia Regina Marmol ), amount to be deposited (total amount of purchase + shipping fee), and my Express Cash card number ( 5577 5300 3112 7929 ) .
2. Insert Express Cash card into ATM slot.
3. Select language and enter PIN.
4. Select "Payment Enclosed" from the menu.
5. Follow transaction prompt.
6. Confirm transaction and wait for receipt.

Transfer funds from BPI or BPI Family Bank Express Teller account via BPI ATMs:

1. Insert your BPI Express Teller card in the ATM slot.
2. Select language to be used and enter PIN.
3. Choose "Special Services" from the Menu.
4. Select "Prepaid Services."
5. Select "Transfer/Remittance" service.
6. Select MCE / MasterCard Electronic: 557753 type of Express Cash Account.
7. Enter my Express Cash Card Number ( 5577 5300 3112 7929 ) as the prepaid number you want to load.
8. Key-in amount to be loaded.
9. Confirm transaction and wait for receipt.

Deposit funds via BPI or BPI Family Bank over-the-counter transactions:

1. Indicate on deposit slip, Cardholder's name ( Cecilia Regina Marmol ), BPI Express Cash card number ( 5577 5300 3112 7929 --> on the reference no. portion), amount to be deposited and account number 0011-1534-37 --> if you're depositing at a BPI branch or 6001-0109-54 if you're depositing at a BPI Family Bank branch.
2. Present deposit slip and payment to branch teller for validation.

BPI Express Online:
(BPI Express Cash enrollment in Bills Payment Facility required)

1. Log in to
2. Go to the "Payments and Reloading" page.
3. Click the "Express Cash/Express Money Order" link.
4. Select the "Reload Enrolled Express Cash/Express Money Order link.
5. Enter amount to be transferred.
6. Choose the funding Express Teller account and Express Cash account ( 5577 5300 3112 7929 ) to be loaded.
7. Click on the "Submit" button and wait for the confirmation prompt. Order Form

Name (Last, First, Middle):
Your Multiply Username (if applicable):
Email Address:
Your Address (include Zip code please):
Landline Number:
Mobile Number:
Item Code (refer to product description/album)
Mode of Payment: G-Cash (Preferred)
BPI Express Cash Card Deposit / Transfer
Preferred Courier (rates indicated are minimum rates only; rates vary per weight/location; check FAQ's for updated rates): LBC (P145)
Air21 (P120)
2GO (P133)
JRS Express (P120)
Shipping Address (if different from address above, otherwise type "SAME"):
How did you find out about Browsing at Multiply / Group Advertisement
Referred by a friend
Through search engine (ie, Yahoo, Google)
Print Ads
I have read and understand's Purchase Policy and agree to its terms and conditions. If this is for reservation of items, I agree that non-payment 3 days after placing reservation will deem the reservation forfeited including downpayment. Yes

Free email forms

Thank You for Placing an Order with!

Thank you for placing an order with us! We will be processing your order immediately. Please wait for a confirmation e-mail and text from us for details regarding your order.

Visit again for great finds at cheap prices! If you liked our store, please recommend us to your family and friends! Discounts and freebies await referrers!

For faster transactions/inquiries, please text us: 09178812040

Thanks again and have a nice day!

How to Contact Us

For your inquiries and concerns, you can reach us;

via e-mail ( for general inquiry) :
( for order inquiry) :

via text : 09178812040
via Yahoo Messenger:

LBC Shipping Rates

Last update: June 20, 2017

Click on pictures to see larger version (zoom-in).

**  Please note that these are estimates only. Actual rates may vary and will only be final once the package has been inspected at the LBC office.

How to Track Your Package from LBC

Last Update: June 20, 2017
To track your packages via SMS:

2. Send to 29762 for ALL NETWORKS.

You can track your LBC Package and Remittance Online!

To find out the current location of your package/remittance, click here to visit LBC Express website's "Track an LBC Padala". (opens in new window)
Enter the "Tracking Number" on the field provided.
2. Click on the "magnifying glass" to start search.

How to Track Your Package from Air21

To TRACK your packages via SMS:

1. Text AIR21TRACK WAYBILL NO. of your shipment.
2. Send your inquiry to 2948 (for Globe, Sun, and Smart subscribers) to track where your package is.

To TRACK your packages ONLINE:
1. Click here.

For other inquiries:
Customer Service: Call 854.2100 to talk to an AIR21 customer service representative.

*All of AIR21's tracking services are available 24/7.*

How to Get the Items You Bought

Items you bought will be shipped to you via any of the following couriers:

1. Air21 Sagot ko ang Padala Mo!
- for details about Air21's rates, click here.
2. LBC Hari ng Padala!
- for details about LBC's rates, click here.

** We apologize but we currently don't do meet-ups.** Purchase Policy

Please read through our purchase policy before placing an order. Thank you.

1. Reservations require 40% down payment. Reservations are good for three (3) days only. Non-payment after 3 days will result to forfeiture of reservation and down payment.
2. No return, no exchange of goods.
3. We apologize but we don't do meet-ups right now.
4. Shipping cost will be shouldered by the buyer. Please refer to shipping details in the blog section.
5. Items require 100% payment including shipping fee before it will be shipped to the buyer. Don't worry, we are not bogus sellers. We are kind human beings and we believe in karma so we won't run away with your money. If you don't receive your items, we are obliged to send your money back, so we will ensure that you get what you paid for.
6. Orders require a completely filled-out Order Form before it will be processed. This is for both party's protection. Please comply.
7. For faster transactions, it's always better to text us 09178812040.
8. I will not post a bogus buyer/joy reserver/banned album. People have reasons for everything they do and I'm not God, I can't and won't judge people. I only want to see the good in every person. Please be kind and considerate enough, though. :-)
9. Finally, if you read through everything and got to this point in the policy, you have been very patient and kind. Thank you so much and we look forward to doing business with you real soon. We're not only here to sell, we're also here to find good buys, so if you're also a seller, we hope that we can also patronize your products in the future. After all, everybody needs somebody. God bless us all. :-)

How to Pay Through G-Cash

If your preferred payment mode is via Globe G-Cash, please inform us first through text that you'll be transferring/sending G-Cash to make sure that we are both aware of the money transfer.
Option A: Transfer G-Cash from your wallet to my G-Cash wallet.
1. Register your number to use the G-Cash service first. Text REG to 2882 for details.
2. Load money/CASH-IN to your G-Cash wallet at the Globe Business Center, SM Dept. Store nearest you. Remember to always bring a VALID ID whether you CASH-IN or CASH-OUT, it's required. Ask for and fill-out a G-Cash form with the SENDER's/YOUR details and the RECIPIENT's details (to load/cash-in to your own number, tick the *same* box in the RECIPIENT section of the form) and wait for your turn at the CASHIER.
3. To transfer money from your G-Cash wallet, just text AMOUNT PIN to
4. Wait for a text confirmation from G-Cash regarding your payment/transfer.
Option B: Load/CASH-IN from a CASH-IN outlet directly to my G-Cash wallet.
1. Remember to always bring a VALID ID whether you CASH-IN or CASH-OUT.
2. Go to the Globe Business Center or SM Dept. Store nearest you and ask for CASH-IN form. Indicate your details in the SENDER section of the form and my details in the RECIPIENT section of the form. Here are my G-Cash details:
Name: Cecilia Regina Marmol
Address: B38 L22 Mahogany Villas, Brgy. Looc, Calamba City, Laguna 4027
Mobile Number: 09178812040
3. Wait for my text regarding confirmation of receipt of payment.

4. We'll text you to confirm receipt of your payment . Once payment is received, items will be shipped to the shipping address you indicated in the "Order Form".
5. Tracking number for your package will be published in the Calendar section for your reference.

Modes of Payment

We're currently accepting G-Cash payments only.
Payment through Bank deposit is pending set-up. I'll keep you posted on the developments.

For information regarding payment through G-Cash, please click here.

Hello and Welcome!

Dear Everyone,
I'd like to welcome you all to -- home of the craziest mix of items for sale online! I named it as such since I've always wanted and planned to set-up an online store that I can run at home but figured I didn't really have a particular merchandise concept in mind. I've read a lot of biz books telling me that it's always better to not try to sell anything and everything you get your hands on. Besides, you can't really sell "everything". So, I thought hard day and night, sought high and low, only to find out that I can't really make up my mind on what specific product to concentrate least not yet, I guess. So I figured, what the heck..I'd just sell whatever is available (until I figure out my calling...) And just like that, was born... :-)
Right now, I'm comfortable with the concept of a whatever-kind-of-store that will sell "WhateverBags", "WhateverShoes", "WhateverGadgets", "WhateverReads", "WhateverLoved" and other "Whatever-what-nots"...
My online store is currently housed free courtesy of! Thank God for you!
Its multiply address is but typing my domain will direct you to the same site.
We're currently in the process of setting up the store and stocking-up on the inventory so there's very limited items available right now but eventually it'll build up once we get everything done. We hope we finish up fast and get the e-store up and running in no time...
In the meantime, please drop by every now and then and check out for updates. While waiting for the site, we'd be very happy if you'd add us up as contact in your Multiply account and we'll be oh so thrilled if you sign our guestbook. Many thanks to you and hope to do business with you all real soooooon. :-)
Have a nice day!