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Why Shop Online?

Gone are the days when online shopping is exclusively for people who have credit cards. Now, more than ever, customers are becoming empowered and savvy shoppers, thanks to the marriage of the Internet and mobile communication technology. Now, we don't just use our phones to exchange messages, we also use it to exchange other resources including money. Not only that, this revolution has also made it possible for small and medium enterprises or SME's to thrive and compete with retail market giants.

Why shop online? I have three words for you. Convenience, savings and choices.
Convenience. You can shop virtually from anywhere to anywhere as long as you have internet connection. You can shop in your pajamas as soon as you wake up in the morning or shop after work while spending bonding time with your family. Your purchases are shipped right at your doorstep. Now, that's convenient.
Savings. Because small online shops are mostly home-based businesses as well, just like ours, we can always provide you with low prices because of our low overhead expenses and low profit margins. And because you don't have to leave home, you save up on transportation expenses and food expenses as well because when you're out shopping, you'll definitely be out dining. Shipping cost is generally lower than what you'll spend for these things.
Choices. The internet is vast. Your choices are endless. You can choose to buy delicious cupcakes from Cebu or hand-made native bags from Bulacan without even going there. You can buy from whomever and wherever you want. You can easily compare prices from store to store without getting cramps from dutiful walking while looking for good buys and best bargains.

No credit card? No problem. We support different payment modes. Use whatever is comfortable to you.

You can pay for your purchases through G-Cash, BPI ExpressCash Deposit, Paypal or Xoom. Upon verification of payment, items will be shipped to the customer's specified address within 24-48 hours and will be received within 1-2 days.