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Test Post from my Mobile Phone

I'm currently logged-in at Multiply using my mobile phone. This is a test post. :-)

Why You Should Join A Testimonial

I've long dreamed of operating an online store. And if you're reading this now, you probably know why people like me operate online stores. It's because of people like you. People like you who are tech-savvy, almost always online, always busy, has no time to stroll around town and leisurely walk at malls while scouring for good buys know by heart that the best place to buy and sell these days is through the internet. So people like us, part-seller and part-buyer, put up websites, purchase shopping cart software, buy SSL certificates (for securing private information), sometimes purchase/sign-up for a separate payment gateway and then wait for customers to browse, inquire and hopefully, buy our products. Sounds easy right? Think again. A few years back, online commerce, or e-commerce as they call it, is solely a marketing arm and an additional income generator available only to corporations who have tons of money to pay for both online advertisements and search engine marketing and well, for all the set-up software I mentioned above. To even dream of putting-up such a site (if you're an average income earner) that time is considered ridiculous, foolish and impossible.

But now, these days are gone (or at least quite possible now..). Thanks to the various changes and other technological advances in the mobile and telecommunication industries, finally catching up on the rampaging information superhighway that is the internet. Now, you don't need a payment gateway to receive money. There are now numerous ways to receive payment-mobile money transfer, online banking money transfer, through remittance centers, etc.

Even more helpful, and if I may say, one of the best possible help you can get to jumpstart your online business is online advertising. It is by far, still the best avenue to gain as much product exposure as possible and eventually generate a sale. There are many online advertising sites available today. But experience convinced me that online advertising through is the way to go. I'm actually pretty new at and yet I've been seeing results already. The first time I posted my ad (that was just one at that time), I got almost a hundred views for a day. I got 3 inquiries and a quite a few text messages still, all coming from buyers who saw my ad at! It is important to note that, as I have observed in barely a few weeks at is that at any one time, there are an average of 3000 people (sometimes even more) simultaneously viewing This number is comprised of people who are members of (around 10-20%) and people who were brought there through a search at Google. How amazing is that? It only tells you a few things worth noting. One, that gives you thousands of possibilities to be viewed. Two, that's format is undoubtedly search engine optimized. The chances that a random search at Google for a certain item will list your ad on the first page is very realistic. I know, because I tried searching Google using a generic keyword in my ad and voila! My ad is result #1, almost unbelievable. Three, that gives you all these and more for FREE! Yes, there's the magic word right there. Where else do you enjoy such wonderful benefits without shelling-out a few bucks? Advertisng at is FREE! Allow me to stress that. :-)

What's more is that when you sign-up, you get a fully-functional multi-page website of your own which is also customizable. There's a buzz about a payment integration currently in the works. I'm almost sure it will go well. It's gonna be very beneficial to both buyers and sellers if such a payment system will be available.

Right now, all I can say is I made a great choice signing up at And with all the good results I got, I'm sure there are plenty more coming my way. So, if you operate an online store, or you simply want to advertise a physical or offline store you may have, advertise at now! There's nothing to lose and a lot to gain. :-)

How to Pay Through Metrobank Bank Deposit

Dear all, Metrobank deposit payments is now fully set-up. If you intend to pay via Metrobank bank deposit, please text me and i will give you my account details.. :-)

Reduced Alkaline Water - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I boil alkaline reduced water?
Alkaline reduced water retains its alkalinity even when boiled. But it is recommended to drink it cold because boiling releases hydrogen ion, which decreases deoxidization.

What about mixing it with tea or coffee?
It is recommended that lesser amount, maybe 1/2 of tea is used or soaked teabag for shorter time because alkaline reduced water will extract more tea ingredients. Green tea is extracted easily even in cold water, so it's an ideal drink for summer.

How to keep alkaline reduced water?
It is better to drink alakaline reduced water cold.
When you're not drinking, keep the cap tightly. It is recommended to drink it the same day in a room temperature. Do not keep in the refrigerator for more than 3 days. Throw away old water in the portable reduced alkaline maker and replenish after cleansing it with citric acid or vinegar.

Why does bubble form when water is put into the portable reduced alkaline maker?
Bubble is hydrogen that forms when natural minerals react with magnesium. Keep the cap closed tightly because hydrogen may be released through the opening.

Should I clean the Bound 1 Reduced Alkaline Maker once a week?
To maintain, you need to clean Bound 1 with cleansing agents once a week.
You should treat the container as a regular cup, so rinse it frequently. Cleansing agents are either citric acid or vinegar used at home. (dilute one spoonful of either agent)

How should I clean it?
30 seconds is enough for cleaning. Longer time may diminish the life span of minerals. Excessive amount of vinegar or citric acid may cause heating of the container. If heating occurs, pour additional water into the container. Excessive amount of cleansing agent may also affect the life span of minerals.

Can I put tea or coffee in Bound 1 Reduced Alkaline Maker?
Do not put juice, hot tea or coffee in the container. Put only water (filtered water or natural water) in the container. Other types of liquid may minimize the utility.

Can I use Bound 1 Reduced Alkaline Maker without cleaning it?
It will minimize the deoxidation ability of Bound 1. The minerals in the container react with the water and form oxidized layers, which reduces the effectiveness of Bound 1.

What amount of water consumption is recommended for a day?
Daily, 2 liters for an adult. 30ml of water per 1kg of weight. Then someone of 65kg of weight would need 2.0 liters per day. Water's main function is to excrete waste matter in the body. Therefore, smokers, drinkers, people living in polluted areas, people eating a lot of processed food, and people with chronically illness should drink even more.

Wouldn't alkaline water neutralize acid in the stomach?
Alkaline water will not neutralize acid in the stomache. Alkaline water ideal for drinking has pH of 7.5~10, and acid in teh stomach has pH of 4. Acidity of stomach acid is 1/100, and alkalinity of alkaline water is 1/1,000,000. Obviously stomach acid is over 1,000 times more concentrated than alkaline water. In order to neutralize 3 liters of stomach acid that's produced a day, you'd have to drink 100times, ie., about 3,000 liters of alkaline water.

Can a pregnant woman drink alkaline water?
A pregnant woamn requires mopre minerals: therefore, alkaline reduced water will supply the needed minerals. A pregnant woman lacks alkaline minerals because she uses them to neutralize the acidic water produced by the babay in the womb.
One theory says that oxidized blood causes morning sickness. There is an actual case where a pregnant woman's morning sickness was alleviated by drinking mineral alkaline reduced water.

Wouldn't excessive drinking of alkaline water cause the body to become too alkaline?
No. Our body has a natural homeostatis, which acts as a balancing agent and maintains normal ph regardless of the amoun tof acidic or alkaline matter that's consumed. Alkaline water helps maintain normal pH of blood, which may have been through stress and excessive consumption of fat.

Can a newborn baby drink alkaline water?
Mixing baby formulas with alkaline water would help eliminate minor ailments of newborns. A research done in Japan showed that a newborn feeding on formulas mixed with alkaline water had almost the same level of immunity and health as the newborn taht was breastfed.

Can seniors drink alkaline water?
Of course. aging is like losing water. A child's body consists of 90% water, and a senior's consists of 60% water. Therefore, alkaline reduced water that is rich in activated hydrogen and minerals is most needed for the seniors.

I gain weight just by drinking water. Can I drink alkaline water?
Mineral alkaline reduced water has rapid absorption, circulation and excretion rate; therefore, people with low metabolism may benefit from drinking it. If you gain weight just by drinking water, your metabolism may be very low and your body may have difficulty excreting water. If edema is severe, you may want to drink a little portions.

There are powders at the bottom of the container.
The powder is magnesium or carbon debris. If you used tap water, spring water, or natural water that may be high in mineral content, or if you left teh alkaline reduced water in the conatiner for more than a day, you may see powdery matter, which resulted from bonding of magnesium or calcium ingredients. These are natural, harmless minerals. Simply rinse the container.

What are the benefits of drinking reduced alkaline water?

Reduced alkaline water improves chronic health conditions:

Continuous research in Japan since the 1950's and testimonials from users indicate the following conditions have been improved from drinking alkaline ion water:

* Arthritis
* Heartburn
* Chronic fatigue
* Indigestion
* Leg cramps

* High blood pressure
* Poor circulation
* Migraines
* Nausea

* Obesity
* Osteoporeosis
* Psoriasis
* Stress

Dr. Otto Warberg has received the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer - this is lack of oxygen which is low alkaline pH. No disease can exist in an alkaline environment. Japanese medicine has proven this over the last 15 years.

What's the Difference Between Spring Water - Bottled Water - Distilled Water?

When water tumbles down a mountainside, this natural agitation fills the water with oxygen, thereby charging it with electrons. But with normal filtering, even fresh mountain spring water loses this natural vitality by the time it reaches your tap.

Bottled water, which has been sitting on a store shelf, has even less vitality and most of the time lacks the rich mineral content present in tap water. Furthermore, if bottled water sits at room temperature for more than 8 hours it can be carcinogenic due to the leaching of the plastic.

Distilled and osmotic water have been purified to the point that they are lifeless. Lacking minerals, electrons and oxygen, this equals dead water and dead water isn't that good either. Freshly distilled water rapidly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and reaches an acidic pH of 5.5 in a very short time. Acidic water is not a healthy choice for drinking water.

Reduced alkaline water is super hydrating and energizing, with an alkaline pH of 8-11, it will raise the alkalinity of your body fluids to a healthier level.

We are now in the midst of a water boom. In United States, Canada, and other countries, consumers are buying various kinds of bottled and canned water even though water is one of our most abundant vital resources. Opting for reduced alkaline water is a healthier and smarter choice over bottled water that are either lifeless or insufficient in mineral content.

How to Pay through PayPal

There are 2 ways PayPal payments can be accepted at

1. For single product purchases: Outright or automatic PayPal payments can be accepted by clicking on the "Buy Now" or "Pay Now" button adjacent to the product photo. Follow the steps required and wait for a confirmation page to appear stating that your payment has been received.

2. For multiple product purchases, click on the "Offline Payment Option". You will be redirected to the Order Form page. Once there, fill-out required information and specify ITEM CODE and description. An email invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided that contain a "Pay" link button. Click this button to send payment.

3. Once a payment/PayPal balance has been received by, items will be shipped within 24-48 hours.

PayPal Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PayPal?
PayPal is a safe and easy way to pay online. You can pay without exposing your credit card numbers to the merchant because PayPal stores it for you. And because information is only gathered once (upon sign-up), you don't have to re-type the same information on different merchnt forms thus making checkout faster. You also checkout faster because you use only one account name and password for all sites you purchase from.

2. How is security assured?
PayPal uses state-of-the-art encryption tools that protect your sensitive information from being altered or manipulated while in transit to and from the merchant. By this, you get 100% protection from fraud payments.

3. Why should I use PayPal when I already have a credit card?
PayPal stores and keeps your private information secure. Better security than typing credit card numbers over and over again when making online purchases. You checkout faster. Provides security for online transactions and saves you time.

4. Is PayPal free?
It's free to sign up for a PayPal account. It's also free to send money to friends and family. You can also transfer funds from your bank accounts to your PayPal account at no charge.

5. How do I Send Money?
Click here.

6. How do I receive money>
Click here.

PayPal Empowers the Smallest of the SME's

I just can't believe this. I've blogged a link about this just a few minutes ago yet I can't seem to stop myself from writing ecstatically about this huge, huge news. PayPal is here (and when I say here, I mean I can actually feel its existence through some sort of a benefit). I guess I can't stress that enough. Sometimes, I feel like I was the last to know about this, but if I were, then that's probably PayPal's fault because they e-mailed me late. I got the notification of balance withdrawal through local bank account just this Monday, 28th of January. But why are there no announcements in the trimedia (print, tv, radio)? Or maybe I just wasn't reading, watching tv or listening to radio enough? This is big news for the Filipinos, for the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, IT-enabled services freelancers like web designers, consultants and probloggers. Most of all, this is big news for the Philippine e-commerce industry. Until now, Filipinos are still wary about online shopping. Although statistics show that more and more Filipinos are buying online now, transactions are limited to credit card holders (buyers) and giant retail and wholesale companies (sellers) who can afford to set-up a shopping cart with an integrated payment gateway. And even if you had a card, you'd still think twice about buying online because, honestly, it's expensive. There are online stores that charge way too high for certain items you know you could buy cheaper somewhere near you. Well, we can't really blame them. Software is expensive, shopping carts, payment gateways, SSL certificates, mail listings software, SEO..the list is endless. Somehow, someone's gotta pay for those. And sadly, customers will likely be affected by being charged sometimes outrageous prices already. PayPal doesn't really level out the playing field but it does give us power, probably even more than we can wield. Now, more than ever, any small sized business, even the smallest of the small, like ours can benefit from this new payment mode. No more expensive and separate shopping carts and payment gateways. PayPal has it. And, it works.
I remember when I first found out about online shopping at Multiply. My initial reaction was "How will I pay online? Credit card, I guess?" Finding out eventually that payments will be made through Globe G-Cash or bank deposit was great. The Pinoy entrepreneur is truly ingenious. And now, with PayPal as additional or even primary payment support, we're opening ourselves into a whole new world of opportunities.
When I signed up for PayPal late September of last year, I felt it wasn't really that useful to me. All it was to me was a more secure way of paying online (if I were to believe PayPal's claim of its reliable financial information storage and secure data transmission through encryption). It was awfully useless since I can't withdraw PayPal balances (if there were any) to a local account. At that time, withdrawal was allowed solely to a US bank account, which sadly, not all of us have. But now, although we're not 100% PayPal-enabled yet ( as I write this, PayPal balances can't be withdrawn as USD currency and transferred to a local bank dollar account; balances which are in USD are still converted in the local currency when withdrawn to a local account; also, all payment transactions are in USD, PhP is still excluded from the PayPal currency service). We're not there yet, but we'll get there. Anyway, while we're waiting, the Pinoy ingenuity will work its wonders, as it always has, with or without PayPal.

Paypal is here! okay, at least part of it is... :-)

Hear ye, hear ye! I bring thee news of good cheer!
New! Withdraw Your Funds to Your Philippine Bank Account

Now you can add your Philippine bank account to your PayPal account, so you can withdraw your money directly to your bank. It saves you time and gives you faster access to your PayPal funds!

Plus, there is no charge to withdrawal amounts over PHP 7000*. So go ahead and add your bank account today!


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