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Reduced Alkaline Water - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I boil alkaline reduced water?
Alkaline reduced water retains its alkalinity even when boiled. But it is recommended to drink it cold because boiling releases hydrogen ion, which decreases deoxidization.

What about mixing it with tea or coffee?
It is recommended that lesser amount, maybe 1/2 of tea is used or soaked teabag for shorter time because alkaline reduced water will extract more tea ingredients. Green tea is extracted easily even in cold water, so it's an ideal drink for summer.

How to keep alkaline reduced water?
It is better to drink alakaline reduced water cold.
When you're not drinking, keep the cap tightly. It is recommended to drink it the same day in a room temperature. Do not keep in the refrigerator for more than 3 days. Throw away old water in the portable reduced alkaline maker and replenish after cleansing it with citric acid or vinegar.

Why does bubble form when water is put into the portable reduced alkaline maker?
Bubble is hydrogen that forms when natural minerals react with magnesium. Keep the cap closed tightly because hydrogen may be released through the opening.

Should I clean the Bound 1 Reduced Alkaline Maker once a week?
To maintain, you need to clean Bound 1 with cleansing agents once a week.
You should treat the container as a regular cup, so rinse it frequently. Cleansing agents are either citric acid or vinegar used at home. (dilute one spoonful of either agent)

How should I clean it?
30 seconds is enough for cleaning. Longer time may diminish the life span of minerals. Excessive amount of vinegar or citric acid may cause heating of the container. If heating occurs, pour additional water into the container. Excessive amount of cleansing agent may also affect the life span of minerals.

Can I put tea or coffee in Bound 1 Reduced Alkaline Maker?
Do not put juice, hot tea or coffee in the container. Put only water (filtered water or natural water) in the container. Other types of liquid may minimize the utility.

Can I use Bound 1 Reduced Alkaline Maker without cleaning it?
It will minimize the deoxidation ability of Bound 1. The minerals in the container react with the water and form oxidized layers, which reduces the effectiveness of Bound 1.

What amount of water consumption is recommended for a day?
Daily, 2 liters for an adult. 30ml of water per 1kg of weight. Then someone of 65kg of weight would need 2.0 liters per day. Water's main function is to excrete waste matter in the body. Therefore, smokers, drinkers, people living in polluted areas, people eating a lot of processed food, and people with chronically illness should drink even more.

Wouldn't alkaline water neutralize acid in the stomach?
Alkaline water will not neutralize acid in the stomache. Alkaline water ideal for drinking has pH of 7.5~10, and acid in teh stomach has pH of 4. Acidity of stomach acid is 1/100, and alkalinity of alkaline water is 1/1,000,000. Obviously stomach acid is over 1,000 times more concentrated than alkaline water. In order to neutralize 3 liters of stomach acid that's produced a day, you'd have to drink 100times, ie., about 3,000 liters of alkaline water.

Can a pregnant woman drink alkaline water?
A pregnant woamn requires mopre minerals: therefore, alkaline reduced water will supply the needed minerals. A pregnant woman lacks alkaline minerals because she uses them to neutralize the acidic water produced by the babay in the womb.
One theory says that oxidized blood causes morning sickness. There is an actual case where a pregnant woman's morning sickness was alleviated by drinking mineral alkaline reduced water.

Wouldn't excessive drinking of alkaline water cause the body to become too alkaline?
No. Our body has a natural homeostatis, which acts as a balancing agent and maintains normal ph regardless of the amoun tof acidic or alkaline matter that's consumed. Alkaline water helps maintain normal pH of blood, which may have been through stress and excessive consumption of fat.

Can a newborn baby drink alkaline water?
Mixing baby formulas with alkaline water would help eliminate minor ailments of newborns. A research done in Japan showed that a newborn feeding on formulas mixed with alkaline water had almost the same level of immunity and health as the newborn taht was breastfed.

Can seniors drink alkaline water?
Of course. aging is like losing water. A child's body consists of 90% water, and a senior's consists of 60% water. Therefore, alkaline reduced water that is rich in activated hydrogen and minerals is most needed for the seniors.

I gain weight just by drinking water. Can I drink alkaline water?
Mineral alkaline reduced water has rapid absorption, circulation and excretion rate; therefore, people with low metabolism may benefit from drinking it. If you gain weight just by drinking water, your metabolism may be very low and your body may have difficulty excreting water. If edema is severe, you may want to drink a little portions.

There are powders at the bottom of the container.
The powder is magnesium or carbon debris. If you used tap water, spring water, or natural water that may be high in mineral content, or if you left teh alkaline reduced water in the conatiner for more than a day, you may see powdery matter, which resulted from bonding of magnesium or calcium ingredients. These are natural, harmless minerals. Simply rinse the container.