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What's the Difference Between Spring Water - Bottled Water - Distilled Water?

When water tumbles down a mountainside, this natural agitation fills the water with oxygen, thereby charging it with electrons. But with normal filtering, even fresh mountain spring water loses this natural vitality by the time it reaches your tap.

Bottled water, which has been sitting on a store shelf, has even less vitality and most of the time lacks the rich mineral content present in tap water. Furthermore, if bottled water sits at room temperature for more than 8 hours it can be carcinogenic due to the leaching of the plastic.

Distilled and osmotic water have been purified to the point that they are lifeless. Lacking minerals, electrons and oxygen, this equals dead water and dead water isn't that good either. Freshly distilled water rapidly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and reaches an acidic pH of 5.5 in a very short time. Acidic water is not a healthy choice for drinking water.

Reduced alkaline water is super hydrating and energizing, with an alkaline pH of 8-11, it will raise the alkalinity of your body fluids to a healthier level.

We are now in the midst of a water boom. In United States, Canada, and other countries, consumers are buying various kinds of bottled and canned water even though water is one of our most abundant vital resources. Opting for reduced alkaline water is a healthier and smarter choice over bottled water that are either lifeless or insufficient in mineral content.