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Please read through our purchase policy before placing an order. Thank you.

1. Reservations require 40% down payment. Reservations are good for three (3) days only. Non-payment after 3 days will result to forfeiture of reservation and down payment.
2. No return, no exchange of goods.
3. We apologize but we don't do meet-ups right now.
4. Shipping cost will be shouldered by the buyer. Please refer to shipping details in the blog section.
5. Items require 100% payment including shipping fee before it will be shipped to the buyer. Don't worry, we are not bogus sellers. We are kind human beings and we believe in karma so we won't run away with your money. If you don't receive your items, we are obliged to send your money back, so we will ensure that you get what you paid for.
6. Orders require a completely filled-out Order Form before it will be processed. This is for both party's protection. Please comply.
7. For faster transactions, it's always better to text us 09178812040.
8. I will not post a bogus buyer/joy reserver/banned album. People have reasons for everything they do and I'm not God, I can't and won't judge people. I only want to see the good in every person. Please be kind and considerate enough, though. :-)
9. Finally, if you read through everything and got to this point in the policy, you have been very patient and kind. Thank you so much and we look forward to doing business with you real soon. We're not only here to sell, we're also here to find good buys, so if you're also a seller, we hope that we can also patronize your products in the future. After all, everybody needs somebody. God bless us all. :-)