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Suum cuique

Someone came to the store this morning, somewhat panting and in haste to get himself a 150g pouch of tomato sauce. I'm guessing the rest of the food is already stewing in his pot at home so he can't afford to sustain a conversation with a persistent seller. Since well, you guessed it right -- I didn't have what he was looking for, I naturally offered the 200g tomato sauce, because well -- bigger is better, isn't it? No. He doesn't like it. "Well then, how about this tomato paste? Same size as the one you need but a little pasty". No? "It's too sour." you say. Ugh. Maybe I'm not being persuasive enough.

I then proceed on instructing him on the merits of a tomato paste and how it's very "workable" to your desired taste and consistency with a little help from water (or maybe even sugar). No? Wow, talk about a hard sell!

Oh, off you go then. Try the next store. May the odds be ever in your favor! And oh, maybe you should run a little faster, remember the pot at home!

As a lost sale trots away, I mutter to myself "Suum cuique". To each his own, indeed. To each his own.

A few minutes after, I grabbed my pen and "Must Buy" list and gently scribbled "4. Tomato sauce 150g". I looked outside my store window almost thinking out loud, "One day soon you'll come running here for a 150g tomato sauce, and unlike today, I'd be more prepared. You'll see."

Tomorrow is another day, my friend. There's no telling what people might ask from you in the future, but if you find yourself lacking and unprepared, you can always rethink, reinvent and regroup. But never, and I say never retreat, never retire. You know you're better than that.

Love always,